Axe Head Sent to Your Favourite Grinder/Finisher

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We realise that many competitors would like their favourite and trusted Axe Grinder to finish off an axe head to suit your requirements.

So we have made a list of Axe Grinders and Finishers from all over the world that we know and trust just as much as you do.

These Masters have all the experience, knowledge and trust that is required to give you an axe that will be suited to your specific timber and will also give you a great cutting axe that can get you that next win!

These Axe Grinders are familiar with our axes and we know they will do a World Class job.

You can select from the options below including the size, how many axes you want (the more you send in one package, the cheaper it is per axe) and of course your favourite and trusted finisher. You pay us for the axes and postage and then later you can pay the axe grinder for his work. It's as easy as that.


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COST INCLUDES POSTAGE. We will send the axe(s) to your nominated axe finisher with your details and they will contact you to organise the type of grinds and delivery options.