Axe buying guide

Axe buying guide - Engineered for Axemen

What to Know to Buy the Best Axes in Australia

From those who put their skills to the test in timbersports to the weekend adventurer who just wants to split some firewood, there are many who find a need for axes in Australia. This traditional tool has a wide variety of uses based on the axe's shape, design, and manufacture. A well-made axe with a design that clearly supports its purpose is not only an excellent tool, but they are also often a joy to wield and handle as well. So what should you keep in mind when you want to purchase a new axe?

There are many things to consider to ensure you make a smart investment in an axe that will both serve you well and stand up to the tests of time. At Engineered For Axemen, we bring years of timber experience to the table and back it up with the highest quality domestic manufacturing techniques. Join us for a quick look at how to identify a quality axe in Australia and to explore how our team delivers the exceptional results you need.

The Key Things to Look for From Australian Axe Manufacturers

With so many choices out there, it's not always easy to know what makes a manufacturer worth your time and interest. What should you look to identify as the hallmarks of quality and reliability?

  • The quality of the steel and the choice of wood for the handle. A well-made axe can last for decades with the right care and sharpening, and that all comes down to the tool steel used. Likewise, wooden handles should feature strong, lightweight woods that can transmit vibration smoothly.
  • The shaping methods used to create the head of the axe. Today, computer-controlled machining ensures the perfect bevels and the most precise blade shape.
  • The thought and engineering employed to make an axe suitable for a given job. If you need a racing axe, you don't want something that will tire out your arms in just a few swings — you need products designed with experience.

What Sets Engineered For Axemen Apart as Australian Axe Makers?

At Engineered For Axemen, we take our commitment to our customers very seriously. We don't just aim to tick the boxes but to go above and beyond in delivering quality and reliability that's worth your investment. Here's what makes us different:

  • Everything we offer for sale is 100% Australian-made, with all our axes fully assembled right here in Victoria. From the high-grade tool steel to the leather covers, we ensure your purchase supports local industry.
  • We use a professional engineering background and education to design all our axes, from racing to felling and splitting, so you always enjoy the performance you need from the blade.
  • Our long family history in the world of timber gives us an inspired passion for these products. We know what it is to swing an axe and what we expect — and what you do, too. We strive to always exceed these expectations.

Find Top-Quality Axes for Sale Today

From world-class racing axes to handy hatchets that will make quick work of daily tasks on the homestead or in the bush, Engineered For Axemen channels our passion into every product. Explore our full catalogue of offerings now, and let us know if you have any questions today. Contact us at your convenience for help.