Racing Axe Handle

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Quick Description

High quality white hickory axe handles manufactured by Head Handles.

Why They Are Cool. 

We are super proud to be offering Jimmy Head racing handles on our website.

These are the only handles we use in our axes and we think they are the best in the world.

High quality white hickory with a sensational shape and after talking to Jimmy and Kerry Head at Sydney Show, we have a huge amount of appreciation for the work that went into getting the shape spot on.

You won't be disappointed when you are have a swing with one of these handles. 

They also come with a 5mm roll pin and one of our high quality aluminium wedges. Buy one of these handles and one of our racing axe heads and you will be chopping in no time and loving it.

The handles come in three lengths, Full length, 3/4 handle and also a short handle. The 3/4 handles are only 40mm shorter than the full length handle and are perfect for underhand axes. The short handle is great for a kids axe or for hatchets.

Although we sell these as a racing axe handle, they are also great for work axes, old axes and everyday axe heads.

Hang Time - they fit the eye in our heads well, so very little shaping is required.


  • the highest quality white hickory
  • Full length handle is 805mm long and weight is approximately 650 grams
  • 3/4 handle is 770mm long and weight is approximately 600 grams
  • Short handle is 670mm long and weight is approximately 570 grams