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Experience the unparalleled precision and craftsmanship of our premium axe handles. They are expertly designed and machined in-house using a state-of-the-art 5-axis C.N.C. lathe. Ensuring dimensional accuracy and consistently superior handles every time.

Proudly engineered and manufactured by E.F.A. in Woodend, Australia. Each handle embodies our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Design Features
  1. Tailored Cross-Sectional Shape: The handle features a precise cross-sectional design of 40mm height by 20mm thickness, providing an optimal grip and balance for enhanced control during high-speed racing and chopping.

  2. Innovative Shank Design: Unlike traditional ellipse-shaped handles, our axe handle shank is engineered with flat sides that match the axe eye's shape. This design allows for quicker and easier fitting, minimising the chance of the handle twisting for a secure and reliable fit.

  3. Precision Kerf Wedge Slot: The handle includes an accurately machined, deep, thin kerf wedge slot that requires no additional sawing during installation. Facilitating a seamless and secure fit of the wedge.

  4. Enhanced Palm Swell Flats: All faces of the timber, including the palm swell flats, are precisely machined. This makes aligning the handle with the axe head easier and faster, saving you valuable time.

  5. Versatile Length Options: Choose from various length options tailored to meet the specific needs of different competitors and work axes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your performance and comfort.

Wood Descriptions

White Hickory: Known for its strength and durability, White Hickory is a preferred choice for axe handles due to its shock-absorbing properties. Made entirely from the white sapwood of the American Hickory tree. Its dense grain structure and resistance to splitting make it ideal for heavy-duty applications, ensuring reliability and longevity.

American Hickory: This wood has all the same properties as the White Hickory but can feature heartwood, sapwood, or a combination of the two. In our experience, there is minimal difference in the strength or durability of heartwood and sapwood handles. American Hickory, whether pure white or a combination, is a classic choice for axe handles. 

Spotted Gum: Spotted Gum is a robust Australian hardwood prized for its toughness and resistance to wear and tear. Its striking appearance and high degree of natural durability and strength make it ideal for heavy-duty work axe handles. 

Spotted gum handles are approximately 25% heavier than American Hickory handles. They are our preferred handles for Work Axes and Hatches. 

European Beech: Valued for its fine grain and smooth texture, which ensure a beautifully finished handle. Comparable in density to hickory, it holds a cherished position among Basque Axemen in Spain. It offers strength and durability with a light colour and attractive appearance, making it a popular choice for those seeking a more traditional aesthetic.

Each wood type boasts distinct characteristics tailored to diverse preferences and applications. Our selection spans the globe to provide an array of options tailored to meet every user's requirements. In the end, all these premium timbers excel as superior axe handles.

Included with every handle: 5mm Roll Pin and an E.F.A high-quality 6mm Aluminium Wedge.