Axes - Engineered for Axemen


A finished axe with a handle that is ready to use. These axes are manufactured and professionally ground/ Finished, your requirements to suit the wood you want cut- perfect for any professional or novice user who needs an efficient tool in their workshop arsenal!

Why these axes are cool!

We know that there are plenty of reasons why you would want a finished axe that's ready to cut. Some of you might not have the time or the equipment. Perhaps you want a present for that favourite person. Maybe you just want an axe that is ground by someone else that might cut a little bit better in different wood.

Whatever the reason is Engineered for Axemen has got you covered. We are getting axes professionally finished by the best grinders in the world including Henry Maine, Kelly Oakley, Faavae Sefo, Jimmy Head, Rob Spry and Paul Bufton.

We've been maxing axes since 1938

The Flentje Families passion for wood and timber started in 1938 when my Grandfather Jack entered the Victorian Forestry Commission and studied at the Creswick Forestry School in west central Victoria.

Almost 30 years later my father David followed in his father’s footsteps and also studied Forestry at the same school. My family has been passionate about wood for as long as I can remember and some of my fondest memories are of helping my Grandad and Dad saw wood with a two-man chainsaw when I was a boy. I still remember the stacks of wood in my Grandads shed and the beautiful smell of freshly cut timber.