Racing Axes - Engineered for Axemen

Racing Axes

Our racing are manufactured in Australia and professionally ground/finished to your requirements to suit the wood that you want to cut.  Whatever the reason is Engineered for Axemen has got you covered. We are getting axes professionally finished by the best grinders in the world including Henry Maine, Kelly Oakley, Faavae Sefo, Jimmy Head, Rob Spry and Paul Bufton.

Options to consider when ordering the axe are:

  • size of the axe, 185,190,195 or 200
  • angle of the bevel, 14 deg, 15 deg, 16 deg
  • bevel length, chisel or banana grind
  • type of wood that you will be cutting

Lead time for finished axes is approximately 2-6 weeks, depending on the grinder used. However, we do have some finished axes in stock so check out our 'In The Post Tomorrow' section for a quick delivery.