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Australian Made Competition Racing Axes

Our racing are manufactured in Australia and professionally ground/finished to your requirements to suit the wood that you want to cut.  Whatever the reason is Engineered for Axemen has got you covered. We are getting axes professionally finished by the best grinders in the world including Henry Maine, Kelly Oakley, Faavae Sefo, Jimmy Head, Rob Spry and Paul Bufton.


Options to consider when ordering the axe are:

  • size of the axe, 185,190,195 or 200
  • angle of the bevel, 14 deg, 15 deg, 16 deg
  • bevel length, chisel or banana grind
  • type of wood that you will be cutting

Lead time for finished axes is approximately 2-6 weeks, depending on the grinder used. However, we do have some finished axes in stock so check out our 'In The Post Tomorrow' section for a quick delivery.

What makes our racing axes cool

We know that there are plenty of reasons why you would want a finished axe that's ready to cut. Some of you might not have the time or the equipment. Perhaps you want a present for that favourite person. Maybe you just want an axe that is ground by someone else that might cut a little bit better in different wood.

The Engineered For Axemen Guide To Must-Have Competition Axe Racing Accessories

At Engineered For Axemen, we take axes very seriously. As competition axe racers ourselves, we understand first-hand the need for premium quality axes and axe accessories. From the axe itself to a competition racing axe sharpening jig, the quality and craftsmanship piece of equipment can make or break a person’s performance, so we strive to get our customers’ hands on the very best products. While we’re proud of all of our products, there are a few that we believe no competition racer should be without, so we’ve made a list of them right here.

The three accessories every competitive axeman and woman needs

Most axemen and women spend their time and money selecting the perfect racing axe, but it’s crucial to pay just as much care and attention when choosing accessories. Here are our top three must-have accessories for all competition axemen and women.

  • Competition racing axe sharpening jig. A custom jig and stones allow you to edge or maintain the edge on your axe easily. The Engineered For Axemen team have designed this jig using Japanese diamond plates and stones, so you get a brilliant edge every time. This set consists of two aluminium blocks with two sharpening surfaces on each block. The CNC machined thread in both ends of the block means the guide rod is perfectly aligned with the stone surface to give you a more accurate edge. The rod can also be moved to the other half of the stone when needed, giving you more life out of each surface.
  • Competition plates and stones.Most of the stones that wood choppers currently use are no longer manufactured and are also extremely expensive. When it comes to modern competition racing axe sharpeners, you can’t do better than Japanese diamond stones. Diamond sheets are brilliant for competition axes, as they’re easy to replace. They fit perfectly in your hand, making it easy for you to give your axe the perfect edge.
  • Leather axe cover. Our high-quality Australian leather covers are designed by Kenny Olney and feature a beautiful thick felt layer to protect the edge. They’re double stitched with a great-length strap to wrap around the handle twice and come in three sizes; small, medium, and large.

Why choose Engineered For Axemen?

There are a few reasons why more people choose Engineered For Axemen for their competition axe racing needs.

  • Our unparalleled experience. A love of wood chopping and axes has been in the Flentje family for three generations, so when we say axes are our love, hobby, lifestyle and livelihood, we mean it.
  • Our premium quality. At Engineered For Axemen, we take enormous pride in the quality of our axes, accessories, and storage. Our customers rely on our commitment to premium quality, so we strive to deliver perfection in every product.
  • Our products are Australian-made. Everything we manufacture at Engineered For Axemen is Australian-made. We’re a small company devoted to providing the highest quality competition axe racing products worldwide, and every product has the Australian-made logo front and centre.

If you’re after a competition racing axe sharpening jig or any other accessories, head to Engineered For Axemen

The axe is one of humankind’s oldest tools, and here at Engineered For Axemen, we have a deep passion for this incredible tool. We’re devoted to providing the highest quality products for competition axemen and axewomen worldwide, and everything we manufacture is proudly Australian-made. If you’re looking for a competition racing axe sharpening jig, the experts at Engineered For Axemen are here to help. Get in touch with us today.