Why buying an axe is cool

Why buying an axe is cool

The Engineered for Axemen team is hard at work, making axes that are designed and built to last. You might not have the time or equipment necessary to do this yourself; perhaps you want a gift idea? Or maybe just looking through our selection of awesome new customs has made your mouth water with anticipation! Whatever reason brings us here today - we've got something perfect in store: an axe wrapped up nice as can be (orgr workout) waiting on behalf of one hundred percent satisfied customers such as yourself

If you're looking for an axe with a handle that can be used right away, then we have just what your require. Choose from our selection of hardwood or soft wood options and let us do all the work! If there are other specifications about preference in length and shape on chisel grinds etc., leave them as notes when checking out; this way they will be taken care off accordingly.

Our experts understand how important it is to give customers everything they need upfront so no one gets short-changed by having their needs go unmet.

Axemen family photo 1938 three generations of axemen

Our history in making axes

The Flentje Families passion for wood and timber started in 1938 when my Grandfather Jack entered the Victorian Forestry Commission and studied at the Creswick Forestry School in west central Victoria.

Almost 30 years later my father David followed in his father’s footsteps and also studied Forestry at the same school. My family has been passionate about wood for as long as I can remember and some of my fondest memories are of helping my Grandad and Dad saw wood with a two-man chainsaw when I was a boy. I still remember the stacks of wood in my Grandads shed and the beautiful smell of freshly cut timber. 

Why our axes are cool

Completed axes come with a Jimmy Head white hickory handle. Don't get us started on how good these handles are. If you haven't heard of Jimmy Head handles there's a full description on the handle page.

Racing axe Engineered for Axemen


Keep your axe protected with a axe box

Our axe boxes set the standard when it comes to keeping your axes safe in a great looking aluminium box. Over the past 10 years we have perfected our manufacturing process to give you a product that is both beautiful and functional.

We specifically designed our inserts so they easily removed in under a minute. When you use the inserts it holds your 6 axes securely and safely, but if you want to squeeze a few extra axes in the axe box for storage of travel, they can quickly and easily be removed. Without the inserts you can store up to 10 axes with their covers.