Dormant electric blue powder looks amazing.

Dormant electric blue powder looks amazing. - Engineered for Axemen

I remember the first time I used a dormant powder to paint an axe box. I’d read all the information and reviews, but you never really know how good something will look until you see it. At $100 per kilogram you expect something pretty special. 

The dormant powder coat colours are a two step process. Firstly you apply the dormant powder and cook it in the oven as usual. When it comes out you can tell it’s not normal. There’s  just a hint of metallic coming through, but at this stage it looks completely underwhelming. It’s grey, boring and looks like you’ve wasted your money. Then you apply a coat of clear powder and cook it again. 

What comes out is always special. Not only is the is the colour amazing, but it’s got great metallic through it and to top it off the clear coat adds a depth that’s awesome. 

These dormant colours do cost a bit extra, but if you want an axe box to look really special, it’s definitely worth it.