Axe Angle Gauge

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We are super proud of our angle gauges, they tick all the boxes for a quality tool. They are easy to use, accurate, hard wearing and they look pretty cool too.

We have just added two more styles of angle gauge so there is now three for you to choose from.

They are all made of 2mm stainless steel. Laser cut and etched for high accuracy. We've designed ours with a relief hole so the edge won't be damaged when you are measuring the bevel. It also allows a burr to enter the hole if you're using the gauge while you are linishing the bevel, which is really handy during grinding.

Standard Angle Gauge: (the original) measures from 10 degrees to 20.5 degrees in half degree increments.

Racing Axe Angle Gauge: measures from 13 degrees to 18.75 degrees in quarter degree increments.

Working Axe Angle Gauge: measures from 14 degrees to 45 degrees. One degrees Increments from 14 to 30 degrees then two degree increments up to 45 degrees.