Axe Drawer Unit

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Quick Description.

Custom axe drawer unit that can hold 12 axes per drawer. These units are custom made to hold your axes safely and securely.

Why it's Cool.

We completely redesigned these units specifically for storing all your expensive gear. These units are now 50 mm wider than the older version with new shaped inserts so they can easily store big axes with longer handles.

We've also included anti-tilt mechanism on the deep drawers that hold all the weight, so you can only open one drawer at a time and therefore eliminating the risk of tipping the unit over. All the drawers are also lockable to keep you favourite axes safe, especially when you not in the work shop sharpening gear.

We also put a heavy duty rubber mat in the shallow drawer so all you gear doesn't slide around.

Three configurations available,

  1. 3 deep drawers that can hold 36 axes in total (12 axes per drawer) or
  2. 3 deep drawers (36 axes) and 1 shallow drawers to hold tools, stones and covers. This means you can keep all your gear in one place.
  3. 4 deep drawers that can hold 48 axes in total (12 axes per drawer).

We can organise to ship anywhere in Australia.


  • Constructed from 0.9 mm mild steel and spot welded together for extra rigidity.
  • Powder coated any colour you like from our extensive collection of over 100 colours
  • Heavy duty runners that can easily hold the weight of 12 axes per drawer
  • New insert design that can accommodate 200 size axes with long handles
  • Fully lockable to keep your axes secure
  • Anti-tilt mechanism on the deep drawers so you can only open one drawer at a time.
  • Optional castor frame available so you can easily move the unit around your work shop
  • 4 Drawer dimensions are 952 mm wide x 1057 mm high x 600 mm deep