Chopper 200

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Quick Description

200mm x 200mm Chopper Axe with a white hickory handle and strong edge that is ready to use.

Our work axes are 100% Australian Made and are manufactured to the same high standards that make our racing axes world-renowned. If you look after this axe, it will become your favourite tool to pick up and use.

What makes it cool…

Make no mistake this is a super handy type of axe, with it's hatchet length handle, light head and large 200mm blade, but it also comes with some cool bragging rights with your mates. We think it just looks cool.

This axe has great proportions with the large blade and short handle... in true chopper style! You can easily swing it with one hand. 

So whether you want to give it away for a present, hang it on the wall in the bar or just have fun out bush when you are camping, this axe will last, it will cut well and you'll have fun all at the same time. 

What also makes it a great axe is the strong bevel at 20 degrees, giving the edge longevity and with a total weight of only 2.0 kg you can swing fast and hard. The head has a satin finish so it is easy for you to look after and maintain your chopper axe.

And when we say it is Australian Made we mean it, every part of the axe, handle and cover.

Fitted with our favourite Jimmy Head short white hickory handle, strong, durable and a great feel when you are swinging it.

Protected with a Kenny Olney leather cover built to protect the axe edge when not in use.

Ladies you can now select an Axewomen logo for your next favourite Chopper.

Engraving also available - Personalise your Chopper with your name which replaces Chopper above the logo (Note: an 8 letter character limit applies for Choppers due to the small head size).

You won’t be disappointed.


  • 100% Australian made.
  • Forged in Victoria from the highest quality tool steel.
  • CNC machined for a precision shape and custom hollow.
  • Heat-treated to give the perfect blend of toughness and edge retention.
  • CNC ground with flood coolant after heat treatment to ensure a super accurate edge that is dead straight with no affect to the temper.
  • Ground and professionally finished for a world-class work axe.
  • 20-degree bevel to give the edge longevity.
  • Axe head is 200mm long x 200mm wide
  • Fitted with a Jimmy Head white hickory handle.
  • 2.0kg total weight - head and handle.
  • Comes with a Kenny Olney Australian Made leather cover to keep it protected when it’s stored or transported.