Engineered For Axewomen Axe

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Bevel Angle

Quick Description.

Axes specifically designed for the female competitor.

Why they are cool.

Over time it has been fantastic to see more and more female competitors in the sport of woodchopping. In the last few years we have supplied axes to some of these female competitors and sometimes it's just a standard axe, but often these ladies are after an axe that is slightly smaller or lighter. So we decided to produce a range of axes that are specifically engineered for the female competitor and we think it's only fitting that the name on the axe head is "Engineered for Axewomen".

Ladies these axes are for you!

At this stage we have two main sizes that we make in this series, 180 (180mm x 180mm) and 185 (185mm x 185mm). Both axes are approximately 2kg in weight.

Like all our products we strive to produce an axe that you are comfortable swinging, so if you would like a slightly different size or weight, please get in contact with us and I'm sure we can make it happen.


  • 100% Australian made.
  • Forged in Victoria from the highest quality tool steel.
  • CNC machined to the exact shape you want.
  • Heat treated to give the perfect blend of toughness and edge retention.
  • CNC ground with flood coolant after heat treatment to ensure a super accurate edge that is dead straight with no affect to the temper.
  • Ground and professionally finished for a world class racing axe.
  • Specifically designed for the female competitor.

NOTE: finished axes still need to be chipped in. We recommend taking your time and working on that edge to get it competition ready.