Hotsaw Log Marking Gauge

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Quick Description.

Custom Hotsaw marking gauge to easily mark out your personal cut lines on the log.

Why it is cool.

This gauge is a custom gauge and we place the marking holes exactly where you prefer your lines to be. It has 4 holes; 3 holes to mark out where you want your 3 cut lines to be and a 4th hole to mark the 150mm limit line.

This gauge has several big advantages:

  • Fully customised hole placement to suit your exact requirements.
  • Mark the same line distance every time you mark up a log for practice cuts.
  • When you get to competition time, you can use this gauge to mark the log exactly the same way you are familiar with. Same distance, every time! 
  • Comes with your name engraved down the side.

Simply insert the crayon into the hole at the required distance and roll the gauge around the log for a perfectly straight line that is consistent and easy to see.

When the crayon gets blunt, the gauge has its own sharpener in the base. 

The gauges are manufactured from 50mm x 25mm solid aluminium. They are CNC machined and engraved and will last a lifetime if you look after it. The sharpener is out of the way and embedded in the base. 


    • 100% Australian made
    • CNC machined from solid 50mm x 25mm 6060 aluminium.
    • Accurate holes so you get the same offset marks every time.
    • Convenient sharpener in the base to sharpen the crayon anytime.
    • Overall dimensions are 200mm x 75mm x 50mm
    • Comes with the crayon.