Leather Axe Cover

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Quick Description.

High quality Australian made leather axe covers. Come in three sizes to fit different sized blades.

Why They Are Cool...

We just love these axe covers made by Kenny Olney.

Kenny's a great bloke and he also makes a superior axe cover and that's why we decided to make them available on our website. They tick all the boxes, top quality, Australia made and they will protect your axe all day long.

High quality Australian leather with a beautiful thick felt layer to protect the edge. Double stitched with a great length strap to wrap around the handle twice.

You won't be disappointment with a Kenny's Axe Cover on your Engineered for Axemen axe.

Please Note: These are a natural product and the colour of the leather sometimes vary. Infrequently they do contain some marks in the leather that have come from the cow, such as lines, scars and branding marks.


We have three sizes available, large, medium and small.

  • High quality Australian leather.
  • 6mm thick felt inbetween thje leather to protect the edge.
  • 25mm wide Velcro strap to hold the cover firmly on your axe.
  • The large cover is 250mm long and is perfect for an axe with a blade length from 195mm to 210mm
  • The medium cover is 235mm long and is great for axes with a blade length of 165mm to 190mm. This cover is what we use on our 190 work axes.
  • The small cover is 190mm long and fits an axe of hatchet with a blade length from 100mm to 160mm. This is the cover we use on our 2.0kg work axes.

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