Sawing Handles - Bent & Straight

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Single Sawing handles for the single sawyer or if your sawing partner prefers a different style of handle to you.

The handle is a great combination of steel for strength and wood for a great feel while sawing. 

Quality hardwood 30mm diameter ends which vary in wood type, often featuring English Oak, WA Karri, English Ash or Blackwood. If you have a preference please get in touch to discuss.

The steel body is Tig welded and blue zinc plated to protect from rusting and provide a durable finish.

Our centre shaft is 18mm solid steel and runs right through the tube for extra strength. 

Hole centres are 1" to suit KBT or Tuatahi saws.

Designed with dome head bolts and flange nuts so that only one spanner is required for tightening.

Please choose the style of handle (bent or straight) from the drop down menu when purchasing.