Sharpening Stones

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Quick Description

Two double sided sharpening stones that can be used to sharpen or maintain the bevel and edge on all you axes.

What makes it cool…

Most of the stones that wood choppers currently use are no longer manufactured and also extremely expensive. The old stones are very good at getting a keen edge, but they are getting harder to find and the price is most definitely too high. So we started searching for an economic alternative that can still produce a sensational edge.

After a lot of searching and testing we found these Japanese diamond stones that definitely fit the bill. This set consists of two aluminium blocks with two sharpening surfaces on each block. The 3 coarse sides are diamond plates that can be removed and replaced and the last finishing side is a 2mm thick section of diamond whetstone that is used to finish the edge.

These are the exact stones that we use to finish all of axes. So far we have done over 100 axes with the same diamond whetstone and it still going strong.

They are the perfect size to fit in your hand to finish both the bevel and edge of your axes. All these stones can be used dry, but we find that using water on the whetstone achieves a better edge and also extends the life of the stone. You can also the 400 grit diamond plate to keep the 3000 grit whetstone flat and fresh.

Instructional videos will be coming soon.

Stone and jig setup up is also being prototyped and will use the same stones.



  • Double sided stones that are easy to handle
  • #140 grit, #400 grit, #1200 grit and #3000 grit.
  • Comprised of an aluminium block with replaceable diamond plates for the #140, #400 and #1200 grits.
  • #140 and #400 grits are 110mm L x 40mm W x 18mm Thick
  • #1200 and #3000 block is 100mm L x 35mm W x 18mm Thick