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Quick Description.

Racing axe head with wings and hollow. The bevel is CNC ground.

Your logo of choice will be displayed on one side of the head, with the Engineered for Axemen / Axewomen logo on the other.

What makes them cool...

These axes are the new standard for unfinished racing axe heads.

The wings and hollow have been precision shaped in our CNC mill. After heat treatment the bevel is CNC ground to an accuracy of 0.1mm. The bevel is dead straight, in the middle of the head and is more precise than any other axe head on the market. 

The milling marks are left in the hollow surface so you can grind them out for a perfect and symmetrical hollow. No more excessive time and wasted grinding wheels shaping the wings and hollow in the axe.

Faster and easier to finish resulting in a higher quality finished axe. The banana grinds come with a slight hollow in the bevel - perfect for poplar axes in the Timbersports Series.

In the hands of a quality axe grinder/finisher, these axes will result in the best axe you can swing.


  • CNC milled on all surfaces for an accurate shape and higher tolerance
  • CNC precision ground bevel to an accuracy of 0.1mm or better.
  • Your choice of chisel of banana grind
  • 5mm centre hole for the role pin
  • Centre point drill spot at the centre of the radius for future linishing
  • 100% Australian made  racing axe head. Forged in Victoria, precision CNC milled by Engineered For Axemen and then heat treated to 52 HRc in Melbourne.

There are 6 sizes available:

175mm x 175mm

180mm x 180mm

185mm x 185mm

190mm x 190mm

195mm x 195mm

200mm x 200mm

Each size has options for angles. Choose from the drop down menu.

You can put a note at the checkout so specify any further requirements such as hollow depth.