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Quick Description

Choose from our range of favourite Work Axes - The WA165, WA190 or WA200 with your choice of logo.

Finished work axe with a white hickory handle and strong edge that is ready to use.

Your logo of choice will be displayed on one side of the head, with the Engineered for Axemen / Axewomen logo on the other.

Our work axes are 100% Australian Made and are manufactured to the same high standards that make our racing axes world-renowned. If you look after the work axe, it will become your favourite tool to pick up and use.

And when we say it is Australian Made we mean it, every part of the work axe, handle and cover.

What makes it cool…

Fitted with our favourite Jimmy Head white hickory handle, strong, durable and a great feel when you are swinging it.

Protected with a Kenny Olney leather cover built to protect the axe edge when not in use.

Ladies you can now select an Axewomen logo for your next favourite Work Axe.

Edge options -

Standard edge is a good all round edge that is a good balance between cutting speed and longevity.

Strong edge is more rounded and has a greater edge angle that will cut slower, but will last longer, and is perfect for tough dry wood.

If you're unsure, new to wood chopping, or unfamiliar with axe sharpening and maintenance - the strong edge is recommended.

You won’t be disappointed.


  • 100% Australian made.
  • Forged in Victoria from the highest quality tool steel.
  • CNC machined for a precision shape and custom hollow.
  • Heat-treated to give the perfect blend of toughness and edge retention.
  • CNC ground with flood coolant after heat treatment to ensure a super accurate edge that is dead straight with no affect to the temper.
  • Ground and professionally finished for a world-class work axe.
  • Fitted with a Jimmy Head white hickory handle.
  • Comes with a Kenny Olney Australian Made leather cover to keep it protected when it’s stored or transported.